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  2. ¿What is a Chrome browser extension?
  3. ¿What are they for?
  4. ¿How to install?
  5. ¿What is a traffic robot for?
  6. Features
  7. Requirements
  8. Recommended Proxy Platforms
  9. Installation
  10. Installation (Video)
  11. Setting
  12. Setting (Video)
  13. Create Campaign(Video)
  14. Create Click Campaign(Video)
  15. Custom click campaign (Video)
  16. Click ad campaign (Video)
  17. Campaign examples (Video)
  18. Various Configurations(Video)
  19. Set incognito mode(Video)
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Traffic Generator Bot - BotBear

Bot to generate web traffic and organic traffic of search engines

¿What is a Chrome Browser extension?

  Chrome allows you to add extensions to make the internet browsing experience more complete, Whether you're having fun or working. Unlike applications that work autonomously, extensions are tools additional that you can add to the browser. A Google Chrome extension is a small application that is installed in the browser that, to some extent, improves user navigation

¿What are they for?

  There is no specific functionality for extensions because there are thousands of options that will allow you to customize your browser and make it more attractive according to the type of things you usually visit on the internet. In the store you can find extensions to get extra information about a text or perform actions without having to change the window or interrupt what you are doing. Like applications, they are downloaded in seconds, automatically synchronized to your account and there is no need to update them manually. Many of them are added to the right of your address bar and show you notifications if there are interactions.

¿How a Google Chrome extension is installed?

  The mechanism is very simple. If you already know the name of the extension you want to install, just write the name accompanied by a "Chrome extension" and it is likely that you will get the direct link between the first results. If not, the ideal is that you visit the Google Chrome Store where all the extensions are divided according to categories. In addition, you can apply filters such as ‘Functions’ and ‘Ratings’. A large part of Chrome extensions are free but you will find many others that are paid. When you find the extension you are interested in, simply click on the upper right blue button that says «Add to Chrome» and voilà !, you will have your extension installed in the navigation bar.

¿What is a traffic bot for?

BotBear is a tool that is used to generate web traffic, using a real web browser, BotBear is basically an extension very easy to use and quite effective when sending web traffic to any site.


List of modules that make up the bot:

  • Urls Administration
  • Export/Import URL
  • Advanced Performance Options

List of algorithms that make up the bot:

  • Search Engine Detection
  • Search for items
  • Interpretation of basic search commands
  • Proxys configuration
  • Browser Controller
  • Cookie Cleaning and Browsing History
  • Chronometer
  • Click Simulator



Main features:





Proxy Platforms

The proxies must be rotating, so that each tab has a different IP



1. Unzip the file  
2. Open Google Chrome Browser.  
3. Inside the Browser go to Settings Options.  
4. Click on Settings.  
5. Click on Extensions.  
5. Enable Developer Mode.  
5. Click on Unzip Load, find the Extensions folder and select the BotBear folder.  


Installation (Video)



1. Click on the extension icon, which is located in the upper right of the browser.
2. Click on the button Download configuration.
3. Copy the file generated by the bot and paste it into the host_win directory.
4. Run the install host.bat file and return to the browser.
5. Click on the Check Bot button, to check if there is a connection with the button.
6. Click on the extension icon.
7. Back to extension.
7. Click on the extension icon.
9. Click on the configuration icon located in the upper right.
10. Return to extension panel.
11. Click on the Settings button, select Lock images and video and sources to improve performance.


Configuration (Video)


Create Campaign

1. Click on the Add button, a small window opens with multiple options.
2. Select the Referer, you can use Direct for traffic without reference or select a search engine.

Direct Referer

1. Enter the URL to send traffic.
2. Indicate the amount of time expressed in seconds, which will last the session.
4. Number of visits the URL entered will get.
5. Indicate the amount of waiting time, expressed in seconds before clicking
6. Enter the HTML element expressed in Queryselector where the click is to be performed.
7. Indicate the amount of waiting time, expressed in seconds after clicking .

Referer Google

1. Enter the example search command:
The command inurl It is a mandatory command indicating the name of the domain to search,do not add the www

Referer Bing and Yahoo

1. Enter the example search command:
The command site It is a mandatory command indicating the name of the domain to search,do not add the www

Referer Yandex and Duckduckgo

1. Enter the example search command:
The command site It is a mandatory command indicating the name of the domain to search,do not add the www


All the mentioned commands are mandatory and only these commands are recognized by the bot, no other

Click element

1. To get a click anywhere, you need to enter what element you are going to click, for this we need to place it as Query Selector: 

1. Example

	<div style="padding-top:20px; padding-bottom:20px;">
		<a href="#" style="color:blue; font-size:32px; font-weight:bold;display:inline-block;" onclick="closeOverlay()">Continue to your image</a>

to open in link in the HTML element a you have to specify the attribute onclik which is the only attribute where you can tell the bot to search, because there is no id or class, then the Query element would be:


where a is the link where we want to click, and onclick is the attribute that we specify, then the bot will look for all the links that have that attribute, you should always specify the attributes with single quotes never with double quotes

2. Example

open a link within a list of several links.

				<div class="textwidget">
				<a title="Arroz con leche casero" href="https://www.cocinacaserayfacil.net/arroz-con-leche-receta/" rel="noopener">Arroz con leche casero</a>
				<a title="Crema pastelera receta casera" href="https://www.cocinacaserayfacil.net/crema-pastelera-receta-facil/">Crema pastelera casera</a></strong></li>
				<a title="Paletilla de cordero al horno con patatas " href="https://www.cocinacaserayfacil.net/paletilla-de-cordero-al-horno-con-patatas-panadera/">Paletilla de cordero al horno</a></strong></li>
				<a title="Galletas de mantequilla caseras" href="https://www.cocinacaserayfacil.net/galletas-de-mantequilla-caseras/">Galletas de mantequilla caseras</a>

As there are several links, we can specify that only one of the list is opened, in this case the first one you find

div.textwidget ul li a

the bot is told to find the item div have a class=textwidget, where the item ul have an item li with a link a

Eecommendations For ads

To make the bot find your ad faster, enclose the ad code inside a container div example:

					<div class="ads_container">

then you should add the following to the bot div.ads_container this way it will be simpler and faster for the bot to click


Create Campaign (Video)



Create Campaign Simple Click (Video)



Create Campaign Custom Click (Video)



Create Campaign Click Ads (Video)



Campaign examples (Video)



How to send visits to YouTube and an App from the Google Play Store

Various configurations



Set incognito mode





1. Click on the Export/Export Import button  
2. Click on the Download button to get all the links  
3. Click on the Browser button to import the links automatically  


Export/Import (Video)





1. Add a time greater than 10 seconds  
2. If you add more than 10 URLs, you need a computer with more RAM memory  
3. Always add the search commands allowed by the bot like inurl for google and site for bing and yahoo  
do not add others  
4. If you have a slow problem when loading a site, the problem of the connection is the PROXY preocure use quality and high speed proxies. 
6. if you are going to earn money using the bot to send traffic or click on ads use PROXY residential 4G between better quality less risk of banning 
7. user agents are not that important current systems look at the ISP or IP the quality of it 
8. If you are going to do more than one click, be sure to adjust the times in each tab so that they are different so the bot will not be confused because you can only do one click per tab. 




You can report any ERROR that prevents the bot from working, keep in mind that support is only to report errors. you can join the TELEGRAM channel BotBear support, and adding your codecayon username otherwise you get kicked



Version 1.2.5

				added random time
				added proxy panel
				added mouse controller
				added mouse controller
				bugs fixed

Version 1.2.4

				added blogger referer
				added tumblr referer
				added random user agent
				focus detector added
				added random search in search engine

Version 1.2.3

				improvement in the counting system

Version 1.2.2

				User Agent Added
				added twitter referer
				added update properties to all links
				added mobile search

Version 1.2.1

				Added new references:Instagram,Random Social
				Added items randomly
				Added clone button and open link

Version 1.2

				Added the option of countries randomly
				Added clone button
				Added new references: Youtube, Facebook, vkontakte, yandex, duckduckgo
				Added scroll movement function (simulate human movement)

Version 1.1

				subdomain recognition
				cleaning local storage data

Version 1.0

	            Initial release





Thanks so much to:

AdminLTE Theme - https://almsaeedstudio.com  

PHPMailer - https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer  

Freepik - http://freepik.com/  

Bootstrap - http://getbootstrap.com/  

Geodatabase - https://www.maxmind.com/  


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